Vidya Shree Academy



The Academy aims at a high standard of ethics and discipline.The Academy's code of conduct is included in its rules.The Academy does not believe in corporeal punishment to maintain discipline.

If a child errs, she/he will be courteously informed of the infringement. In case a student becomes disruptive, or violent the academy will take recourse to time-out and any other measures that it may be fine etc. necessary for the purpose. Parents may be called to take the students away. The student can return only when she/he is willing to follow the discipline of the Academy. The Academy reserves the right to expel a student in case of a very serious breach of discipline


For effective education it is necessary that Academy may receive full cooperation from the parents. Therefore, Parents-Teacher meets from time to time is organised to extend a helping hand to the Academy to achieve its aims and objectives. Suggestions and ohsprvations of the parents are considered seriously and implemented wherever feasible.